French-Japanese Sunday Brunch with Unlimited Oysters Whisk

This wouldn’t be much of a list if we didn’t mention Fridge. This restaurant on Peel Street offers Italian-style cold dishes, and of course, this includes oysters – one of their speciality. But don’t worry if the raw version of oysters is not your cup of tea.

Oyster Hong Kong

In addition, oysters have a powerful ability to clean water. But in Hong Kong, decades of development through large-scale coastal reclamation, dredging for lime, and overharvesting have decimated the once-abundant local oyster populations. A 2011 study estimates that 85% of oyster reefs have been lost worldwide, making them one of the most endangered marine habitats on the planet. It was identified as a new species in 2003 after DNA analysis. Image by Peter Yeung for Mongabay.Some of the thousands of oyster-farming rafts in Hong Kong.

Oyster Island

Seafood lovers should go for the giant seafood platter for two, which includes sea whelks, sweet prawns, scallops, clams, and an assortment of freshly-shucked oysters. Hong Kong oysters (M. hongkongensis) were collected from Lau Fau Shan in Deep Bay, Hong Kong, and samples for genome sequencing originate from a single individual (Fig.1a). Genomic DNA was extracted using the PureLink Genomic DNA Mini Kit following the manufacturer’s protocol. Extracted gDNA was subjected to quality control using a Nanodrop spectrophotometer and gel electrophoresis. Qualifying samples were sent to Novogene, and Dovetail Genomics for library preparation and sequencing. Details of the sequencing data can be found in Supplementary information S1.

Raw Bar No. 8

For its oyster selection, DotCod usually serves an average of six to eight varieties from four different countries, depending on the season. Right now, it is serving French, Australian, American and New Zealand oysters; while later in the year, it will serve oysters from Ireland, England and Spain. We recommend the New Zealand rock oyster that is crunchy with a refreshing sea taste and also the Gillardeau from western France that has a briny flavour with a soft texture. DotCod serves its oysters with four different condiments, including tomato-basil salsa, mango salsa, shallot mignonette and cocktail sauce.

To make things worse, the past few decades also witnessed a steep decline in oyster farming bringing the 700-year-old heritage to its knees. For more than 700 years, oysters have been an important commodity in Hong Kong—unsurprising given Hong Kong people’s love for seafood. Often overlooked as a crucial marine habitat, oysters are also ecosystem engineers that play a tremendous role in coastal protection and support marine ecosystems wherever they thrive.

Given the high quality of our Hong Kong oyster genome assembly and accompanying gene annotation, we analysed the distribution of TEs across the genome to examine patterns of host gene-TE association. At 生蠔直送 , TEs of each major category are distributed relatively evenly across the entire host genome (Fig.3b). However, at a fine scale, TEs are disproportionately represented in regions flanking genes and in introns, with the most common elements (i.e. DNA TEs, including rolling circle elements) driving this pattern (Fig.3c). As expected, TE activity has been largely excluded from exons, thereby protecting host gene function. Hongkongensis, the three ParaHox genes are linked on the same scaffold (Fig.4,5,6). Careful analyses of genomic organization across available mollusc genome assemblies revealed that in the majority of species the ParaHox cluster has broken apart.

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